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Eric PetersonThis site was originally created as a portal for transferring images between the United States and, primarily, European photo/news agencies. My intent was not to use this space as a portfolio of my work. Much of the work I've done is celebrity retouching for publication. This does not lend itself well for advertisement. While I always try to capture qualities in my subjects which keep them "real," showing before and after tends to defeat the purpose of the retouch. It also compromises the subject. From time to time I will post some images which do not conflict with this ideal.

There is another reason for limiting my portfolio on the internet, which has to do with my philosophy on presenting my work on the web. Most of what I do is designed for print. I try to work as closely as possible with the end product when it comes to print, even if it just means matching up calibration with the party responsible for the final output. These types of collaborations are made whenever possible. In a nutshell most people surfing the web, despite good intentions, do not have their monitors properly calibrated and this is one element, along with resolution and image size which contradict the intent of the work I'm doing.

Additionally, I just find it hard to find the time to spend energy working on portfolio content for this website. There are other places on the web, where I can direct you, to see some examples of my work. I just won't necessarily describe to you the work I did for reasons already noted.

I have made efforts to make this site representative of the type and scope of work I do without being over-bearing or boring. There are some pages "waiting in the wings" here that I will try to put up front soon. In the meanwhile please feel free to contact me and take the opportunity to discuss how I approach my work, the work I've done, where it has been published, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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